What about Butts

Get your Brazilian butt lift right here and become a member of our BUTTHEADS community. We created 8,888 Butts out of more than 300k possible options. We have more than 220 unique gadgets and traits for our Butts, ranging from hats, clothes, 'tattoos' to make sure that none are the same. Like in real life, every butt is unique & beautiful.

Whats the plan Headline

Collaborations and Free Giveaways

It’s all about the art. This is why we are collaborating with a lot of artists to bring their version of the BUTTHEADS for free to you. Once we are completely sold out we will have free mints and collabs twice a month for the next few months, with artists such as @voodoo.salad, @woodencyclops, @dxtrtheweird and many more. We will also include the community in this with competitions to feature your own buttheads! We want to support artists and we will share the secondary market fee with them.

Bootie Giveaway & Contests

Every 10% we are gonna airdrop 2 cute booties to random butthead holders. We want to see who is the funniest butthead out there! So we are going to set up a Meme Contest with 5 ETH in prizes for the Top 3 Butthead Memes! A community vote will decide the winners.

Because the NFT space is so talented, we want to collaborate with you! There will be a Create-Your-Own Butthead Contest! We will send out a template and the community will show what they can do! We will pick a few winners to then create their own Butthead airdrops! All the artist's we work with, will be paid up front as well as receive a percentage of secondary sales for their Butthead!

Free Toilet Paper

We're helping to clean things up; 50 dirty butts will get a $50 USD voucher for who gives a crap! Who gives a crap is company that does good things. When you use their toilet paper 50% of their profits goes to building toilets in places that desperately need them. Their production facility also tries to have the worlds smallest environmental impact so you can wipe your ass for much much longer on this planet.

The Future

… is bright; Apart from the artists' collabs we will bring more innovative ideas to this project. We are already planning a roadmap 2.0, with great ideas such as an interactive comic, like Black Mirror Bandersnatch or a lottery for part of the secondary market fees.

Team Header
Bubble | Designer
Beavis | DEV
Faq Headline

Wen butts? What price?

0.06 ETH. 17th of September

Whats an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. It means that it‘s one of a kind and the ownership is verified on the blockchain. People can trade, buy, sell these or do other cool things with them.

Whats Metamask?

Metamask is a wallet which you can use for storing your crypto assets from tokens to NFTs. It's very easy to use. If you want to know how, check here.

There are also multiple other wallets you can use, such as Rainbow or Trustwallet.

Where are my beautiful BUTTS?

After you purchase one of these butts, they will end up in your wallet. You can see your butts on Opensea and soon after launch on our website. After you purchase one or many BUTTs, they will end up in your wallet.

Can I get involved?

You have a nice BUTT? DAMN, sure you can! Just message us in discord with your ideas and suggestions. We’re open for any kind of fun idea.


We will reserve 150 BUTTs. Will use them for giveaways, artitsts we work with and marketing.